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  • Headteacher: Mr Andrew Pickering
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PTA Core

PTA Core Committee


Who's who on the PTA for 2021/22


Co- Chairs: Karolina Szarmach and Mike Freeman
Treasurers: Stephanie Mills and Gemma Driver

Secretary: Olga Voronkova

Each class has two Class Representatives whose role is to encourage engagement and inclusion for all and communicate information between the Core Committee and the parents. 


PTA meetings


PTA meetings are usually held once per term and everyone is welcome. The meetings are to discuss upcoming fundraising events as well as to give participants the opportunity to provide suggestions, share ideas and hear from the Headteacher on what help is needed.


PTA meetings 2020/2021


- Tuesday 20 October 2020, 7pm (AGM 2019/20)

- Thursday 21 January 2021, 7pm

- Thursday 25 March 2021, 7pm

- Thursday 13 May 2021, 7pm (AGM 2020/21)



PTA Roles




This role can be done by 1 or 2 people.

The chair provides leadership for the PTA and communicates regularly with the Head teacher.

They co-ordinate the PTA and communicate with the committee and reps.


Key Responsibilities

  • Set the agenda for and lead meetings
  • Welcome and involve new members
  • Provide PTA information for the newsletter
  • Help to maintain the ethos of the PTA and develop the school community through events
  • Encourage the participation of parents in the developing and running of events
  • Lead the planning of events - working closely with the Event Coordinators
  • Send minutes of meetings and instructions for events to class reps
  • Access the PTA email and deal with correspondence
  • Maintain the record of all PTA paperwork in the Horniman Primary g-drive.




The treasurer manages the finances of the PTA.


Key Responsibilities

  • Maintain the Financial records
  • Prepare cheques as required
  • Report income and expenditure at meetings
  • Count and bank monies
  • Liaise with the bank
  • Give out floats at events and collect money raised
  • Withdraw money to provide cash float for events
  • Draw up the annual accounts


Class Representatives


Class reps play an important role by being the contact point between the committee and the parents and carers in each class. There are 2 class reps per class.


Key Responsibilities

  • Encouraging engagement and inclusion for all
  • Organising class socials - we recommend 1 per term
  • Maintaining an up to date email list for the class
  • Forwarding emails from the Chair with information about events
  • Forwarding minutes from PTA meetings
  • Organizing rotas for stalls at events (each class runs a stall at most events)
  • Setting up and clearing away stalls at events
  • Selling Tickets - now that we have an online system, direct parents to it and ask them to volunteer too
  • Teacher cards/presents/collections - This is not a requirement, but reps often sort these out at the end of the year



Horniman Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.