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Pear Small Group - Migration Composition

Pear Small Group - Migration composition (Listen below!)


In Pear small group we have been exploring instrument and composition skills through improvisation. We discussed what makes good improvisation - listening, leaving space for others, and being responsive. After a couple of weeks of honing our ensemble improvisation skills we turned our focus to our Migration topic.


We came up with some key words that we could interpret musically




Then, through improvisation, we generated some ideas around these words. We chose to reflect on the word uninviting by creating a 'barely there' wind sound by playing our instruments as close to silence as possible, which created a feeling of tension. We also chose to use instrument solos to show the idea of 'isolation'. Then a sense of 'together' was created by working together in a rhythmic improvisation at the end. After playing through and discussing these, we organised them into a composition using a graphic score. We recorded different sections and arranged them according to our score. Have a listen below. 


Pear - Migration Composition

Assorted percussion, tuned percussion, wooden flute, 2 violins, trumpet, trombone
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