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Welcome to year 6 Hornbeam!

Please scroll down to see some of the learning that's been happening in our class this year smiley

Today was the last day of our wonderful trip. It is so unfortunate we had to leave all of the activities were  brilliant . It went so fast . Eden

Today was the last day of school journey and it was such an amazing experience I would do it 1000  times again! Lily  


Today was great I did stand up paddle boarding and kayaking and I fell of a lot. Eva


Today was the last day of the school journey and I did paddle boarding it was good. Andrew 

I loved the group activity and the rafting because we were falling in the water and it was fun-Beau


I loved sailing and going on the big swan and jumping of it was fun splashing me pickering and others-Maya 


I really enjoyed playing loads of games on the sails and jumping in the cold water with everyone- Megan


I loved making rafts and going paddle boarding in the lake also I enjoyed jumping of of the boats with everyone- Lucy 


I enjoyed doing the team challenge and jumping in the water - Olivia 


I enjoyed eating a kayak- Leon


I also enjoyed eating the kayaks but with a seasoning of wooden planks-hector


I enjoyed making the rafts and pushing each other of the inflatable platforms-Sam 


I enjoyed pushing people in to the river and sleeping-Indy


I enjoyed the paddle boarding because I was pushing people off-Noah


i enjoyed swimming in the lake, despite having all my clothes on!  Ms Maher




I was so excited about the water sport as soon as I got in the water I was having so much fun that I didn’t even want to go for lunch. Anabelle 


Today was amazing because there was water sport that was really enjoyable. Amatiel 


We had fun on the lake when we all pushed each other’s in. Layton


Today everything was on the lake. I liked going on the pedalo and kayak.  Owen


We paddled down the River Avon and it was tiring but fun. Agnes


I loved paddling down the river. It was so beautiful and relaxing. Sarah

We did rock climbing today and many people reached the top. The view was amazing from up high. Alice


I really enjoyed archery!After the safety talk, we were free to try our best to succeed. It was fun aiming then firing arrows.I liked trying this new fun sport! Hafsa 


We made a race car out of barrels and logs then had races in it! Dylan 


Today was amazing the rock climbing was fun and the buggie building was the best ! I I am so happy to get the opportunity to try these enjoyable activities.Eden


Today was so fun! All the activities were entertaining and  enjoyable! Lily 


Football’s coming home!!! Ms Knight

School journey- day 1

The coach journey was really long.I liked that every one was having lots of fun.It was a bit annoying though.  Jemima


In my group we did buggy building and we got to ride on them to. We also had a friendly competition to see who could ride the buggy with a cup of water on their head. The aim was to get to the end with the most water left in it. We also learnt how to tie box lashing (not). It was fun and I enjoyed it. Charlotte


I had so much fun doing archery. Dylan got 2 bullseyes. Herbie 


The sensory trail was amazing but a weird and not like I thought. Fell over a few times but great experience overall. Dulcie 


For dinner we had chips and sausages and ice cream. It was filling. Zane


A great first day. Everyone had fun, got along well (even the teachers) and will all sleep well tonight(we hope). Mr Pickering

Art: detailed drawings of lizards

Art: close up studies of lizards

Parent Plan: Holes

Celebration video of our work for spring term!

Still image for this video
Here's a little sample of some of the incredible work that Hornbeam has done this term.

Highwayman inspired illustrations

Here is the parent plan for spring term

The Light Spectrum: creating colour wheel spinners

Light: creating periscopes

Spider and the Fly: formal letters to Fly in the role of a character

Light Mazes: science group work positioning mirrors to reflect an image through a maze

Tonal drawings inspired by our core text, 'The Spider and the Fly'

Our parent plan for autumn 2:

Our finishing touches to our sculptures from our art project, 'Expressive Hands'

Topic plan for autumn 1:

WW2 Green screen documentary

Still image for this video

Winter Paintings for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Hummingbird Sketches from our ANIMALS project

Horniman Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.