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Holly x London Symphony Orchestra

Holly LSO project


Holly class have been working on a piece inspired by one of Benjamin Britten's Sea Interludes, entitled dawn. Originally composed as interludes for scene changes for Britten's opera Frank Grimes, the interludes describe the sea off the east coast of England at different times of day. Dawn includes a melancholic melody (wandering the flat, expansive beach), some bursts of waves (as the morning tide rolls in) and, lurking somewhere in the distance, something dreadful, some impending doom. Holly took Britten's three ideas (the flat beach, the waves and doom) and turned them into a composition of their own.


When we were ready, two players from the London Symphony Orchestra came in and helped fine tune our ideas into a final performance,


Have a listen to our version of Dawn here. Can you pick out the three ideas in our piece? Then have a listen to Benjamin Britten's original and see what similarities you can hear!

Dawn - Interpreted and arranged by Holly

Britten: Dawn (Four Sea Interludes from 'Peter Grimes', I)

What did Holly think?


I enjoyed the fact that we got to work with professional people. My favourite moment was the join between the two groups and where 'waves' would carry on after 'flat beach' and 'doom'. I learnt that it was composed by Benjamin Britten and it originated from a play called Frank Grimes' - Arthur 


I enjoyed that we didn't just use every instrument at the same time. My favourite moment was when 'flat beach' and 'waves' worked together. I learnt that Frank Grimes was about a man at sea where an accident happened - Stephen


I enjoyed the visitors playing their instruments for us. My favourite bit of the piece was when the LSO player played flute and Stephen played the rainstick which sounded like sand brushing the surface - Ella


I enjoyed that we got compose our own piece. My favourite moment was DOOM! - Unknown 


It was really fun to conduct the LSO players. My favourite moment in the piece was when it started in (mostly) silence. - Finn C. 


I liked that they help us work collaboratively as a group. My favourite moment was when 'waves' and 'doom' merge.  - Emma


I learnt that 'Dawn' from the Sea Interludes became more famous that the play Frank Grimes and it was designed so people could listen to it in the intervals - Lola

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