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Fractions, Decimals and Percentages


More or less than a half

Making cookies with different sized fractions

Simple explanation and video clip about halves, quarters, eighths and equivalents:

Matching an image to a fraction:

Ordering fractions LKS2
Number 5/6 – fraction monkeys, ordering fractions on a number line, incl. equivalents Number 5/6 – clown pairs, matching equivalent fractions (improper fractions and mixed numbers) Number 5/6 – feather fractions, fractions of amounts


Decimal games on arcademics

Rounding decimals to 3 decimal places UKS2

Rounding decimals to nearest whole number LKS2

Ordering decimals 2dp LKS2

Adding decimals

Fractions and decimals

Converting fractions and decimals Lower KS 2 :

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