Horniman Primary School

  • Horniman Drive
  • Forest Hill
  • London
  • SE23 3BP
  • Tel: 020 8699 3190
  • After School Club: 020 8699 8378
  • Email:
  • Headteacher: Mr Andrew Pickering
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Creative / Fun activities:

  • Draw/paint/collage a self portrait
  • Create a comic strip
  • Research an artist and make a copy of one of thier works
  • Make a stop motion film - download a free app on a phone/ipad 
  • Make up a play
  • Write a poem/ limeric/haiku/rhyming poem etc
  • Write a story
  • Make up a play with your toys
  • Make a model - use Lego, recycled materials or whatever is to hand
  • Perform a pop song
  • Make an instrument
  • Learn a poem
  • Create an item of clothing
  • Make a marble run using household objects, and film it to share. Like a Rube Goldberg Machine. 
  • Weekly riddle ( )
  • Make the tallest free-standing structure using only sticky tape and rolled up newspapers
  • Make a den 
  • Make a magic potion, write down the recipe and tell us what it does
  • Play exquisite corpse with stories / pictures / play it with writing to make a haiku (this is the game where you fold over the paper) 
  • The Wikipedia game (think of a start link (e.g. Chocolate) and then try and get to an end goal (e.g. Australia) by just clicking links. The fewest clicks wins. 
  • Shadow puppet play. 
  • Design paper aeroplanes 
  • Cut picture out of a magazine and write your own articles about the pictures. Try to make it completely different from the original story.
  • Try a Micro Treasure Hunt - How many individual different single objects can you fit in a matchbox.
  • Magazine card making - cut out shapes, paterns and images from magiznes and collage to create greetings cards. 
  • Expand an image (cut small image from magazine and draw out from the edges)
  • Make sock puppets
  • Make salt dough / slime
  • Cut up misfit characters - cut out pictures of people and mix up the heads bodies and legs to make misfit characters.
Horniman Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.