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Year 1- Birch

Albion Millinium Nature Reserve Trip. It was wet but that didn't spoil our fun in becoming nature detectives. Wriggly worms, tadpoles, ear wigs and bluebells were all found alongside many other living things. We played listening games, hunted for living and non living things and even managed to work out the life cycle of a dandelion. Well done class!!!

Forest School - Bug homes. Everyone worked in pairs to create a good bug home in Forest Schools. They thought about what the bugs needed and where the best location for their home would be.

NSPCC Number day - Birdh showed their number knowledge and skills by comparing and ordering numbers using resources, pictures and writing.

Class Assembly - Birch were fantasticcelebrating their knowledge of castles and their drama skills with their own retelling of Traction man.

Pointilism - We all enjoyed creating images of different types of food using the technique of pointilism. Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image

Year 1 went to the Museum of Childhood. We went in search of toys from when our parents and grandparents were little. We also studied the different materials they were made from.

Year 1 Christmas Angels

Listening Walk - Children went on a tour of the school recording the sounds they heard.


WE LOVE BOOKS 1 Can you guess who our favourite characters are?
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